Welcome! Here you will find information and links to websites that keep the Christian Ethic in mind. You will find Christian news, prayer circles, books, and links to other Christian websites.

While most of the information and links found here will be directly Christian in nature and substance, please note that some links, particularly for products such as books, may not be specifically for or about Christians, but have followed the Christian ethic. They have been reviewed by our membership and meet our stringent guidelines for inclusion.


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Many fine Christian churches have a virtual home on the Internet. Whether you are Catholic, Protestant, Methodist, Espiscoplian, Baptist or any other denomination, you can find an online church in the box to the right

Prayer Circles

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The healing power of prayer is well documented. If you wish to join a Prayer Circle, or would like one or more to pray for someone in need, you are encouraged to begin your journey here, in the box to the right

The United Christian Network Library

The United Christian Network reviews thousands of books, but only those that are worthy on a Christian level are offered inclusiuon in our library. These books do not necessarily have a Christian message, but they do follow the Christian ethic in their content. You will not find anything of questionable moral content, nor anything that would violate any Christian ethics. If you find a book in our library, you may rest assured that it has passed stringent inspection from our membership.

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Latest News

It has come to our attention that certain books offered by the Scholastic Book Club through public schools is offering books by Neale Walsch, such as "Conversations With God". One of several books by Walsch, "Conversations With God" is NOT christian in nature or substance. On the contrary. Walsch utilizes deceptive titles to convince Christian parents to buy his books for their children, with the intent to pull the children away from Christianity and the Bible. His books specifically teach children that God does not believe in "right and wrong", or in sin. His "talks" with God include God telling him that we should all do whatever we want, that there is no evil, and that Hitler has been welcomed into Heaven.

We sincerely hope that you and your family pass the word on these books, and consider boycotting Scholastic Book Club until such time as they stop offering such books to children.

The United Christian Network hopes you have enjoyed your visit, and found some small value in our home on the web. Please return often, and share it with friends and family. May the Good Lord bless and keep you.
The United Christian Network is a non-profit independent Christian association. We are not affiliated with any specific Christian denomination. We neither solicit nor accept any donations for any purpose at any time, nor do we accept payment for promoting any products or services mentioned in our pages.
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