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10 Simple Laws of Success
Learning To Stop Living By Accident

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This latest book from Bill Vaughn (see bio), author of the best-selling "Simple Man's Guide to Real Estate" takes you far beyond the world of real estate investing, and into the realm of how wealth and success is really created out of "thin air". This is not a book on how to get rich by doing this or that. It is not even about money, although money is attracted to a life well lived. This is a book that shows you how to increase your "success quotient" by improving yourself as a person.

These are the secrets of the wealthy, who do not want these secrets told. Why? Because the wealthy people understand all too well that wealth is relative. If you are the only one with a million dollars, it is a huge wealth. But if everyone has a million, your million only makes you "average". And wealthy people have an inherent fear of being "average".

Bill doesn't mind sharing these secrets, however, because he doesn't place the same importance on the riches of the world. He does not need to be another Rockefeller - he is content with just being comfortable, and prefers the company of average folks. Bill has used these same principles to build upon his own success, and uses them to expand his real estate interests. But these same principles can be used to generate wealth from almost any endeavor capable of producing wealth. And they are absolutely essential to success in any and every aspect of life.

It is said that it takes money to make money, and that may be true for those who are lazy. But if you can muster a bit of ambition and persistence, you can pull money out of "thin air".

Imagine coming up with an idea, and selling that idea for millions. Or perhaps creating a unique, new business on the Internet, where the only costs are $14.95 per month for hosting your website. Or "no money down" real estate deals. One enterprising young woman who, after divorce placed her in financial jeopardy, decided to buy up all the "retro" items at the local Goodwill stores, then resold them online for a profit. This is all money from thin air! And there are as many ways as there are people. It's as simple as finding the method that is right for you - and knowing the secrets on making it all come together. It is not so much WHAT you do - it's how you do it.

You may wonder why a book such as this is provided free to anyone who requests it. As you read, see if you can figure out for yourself the "secret that makes it all come together" (to test if you are learning anything). The full secret will be revealed at the end of the book.

And the journey begins here...

You are about to embark on a thrilling journey into the mind of a man who knows how to create wealth out of little or nothing; to build an empire on a thought, then establish it on solid ground. The man you are about to meet is real. In 1990 he was destitute and living at New Horizons homeless shelter in Manchester, New Hampshire, and eating in the soup kitchen. By 1995 he had built a profitable business, starting with nothing, and by 2001 had amassed a substantial amount of wealth, owns two homes, new cars and classic cars, has all the "toys" - and he is virtually free of debt. He builds on his wealth daily, only working about one hour each day, with little or no effort, and works for no person but himself and his wife and daughter.

Now think about where you are at right now. Surely you must have some assets - far more assets than a homeless person. So it stands to reason that if he can do it, you should be able to do it better and faster.

There are those who will try to convince you it cannot be done. These are the same people who have never made anything of themselves, and never will. If you must listen to someone, listen to the people who have done it, and ignore those whose negativity does not permit them - or you - to do it.

This book is written to provide you, the reader, with the tools and know-how you need to create greater wealth. The extent to which you create that wealth will be determined by how dedicated you are to putting forth the effort to follow these rules for generating - and growing - wealth. The more you apply this knowledge, the greater your wealth will be. It's that simple.

Be advised that many of these rules will fly in the face of conventional wisdom. But think about that for a moment. Everyone has been taught the "conventional" wisdom, yet only 4% of all Americans ever achieve any substantial degree of financial independence. Could it be that the conventional wisdom is wrong? Absolutely!

Consider: my own "business & finance" professor in college, whose career it was to teach people about money, owned a car that was over ten years old. He was working 60 hours a week for peanuts. He had a mortgage on his home that he sometimes had difficulty paying each month. And this is the man from whom I was expected to learn about money! The way I figured it, if he knew how to create wealth, he would be wealthy, right? Then and there I decided to ignore him and learn from someone who had actually created a fortune. I believe that if you want to learn something, learn it from those who have done it, and ignore all the others.

Here, then, you will discover the ten great secrets for achieving financial security regardless of your current circumstances, which cannot be any worse than what our subject was faced with when he began his quest. And there is a reason these rules for success have been kept secret: those who know them, and used them to create wealth understand that wealth is relative;that a million dollars is only worth a million until everyone has a million. Then, suddenly, it just becomes "average". Hence, to remain wealthy, they must stay richer than the masses, and therefore they work hard at keeping these secrets just that - secret. But our subject is different - he just doesn't care who knows! By the time others catch up, he figures he'll be gone, anyway. So why not "even the playing field" a bit?

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Laws of Success - Summary

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